May 15

Online Debate

EUC Science Shop invites CSOs from Cyprus to participate on the dialogue of setting Research Agendas. PERARES Online Debate is a Forum Website, coordinated by the PERARES members, that aims to enable the discussion between Civil Society Organizations, Citizens and Academic Experts in a broad range of topics.

A Brief Description for the PERARES Online Debate:

PERARES Online Debate website – besides providing an opportunity for discussion – predominantly aims at supporting the articulation of research requests from civil society organisations (CSOs) and submitting these requests to the collective research capacity of all Living Knowledge members and beyond.

This tool has been initiated by members of the European consortium, Public Engagement with Research and Research Engagement with Society (PERARES) – which has been awarded financial support by the European Commis­sion. The consortium’s members represent universities, civil society organisations and Science Shops that carry out collaborative research with civil society organisations.


Feel free to visit the Debate and contribute to the dialogue:

PERARES Online Debate